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Quick Reference Tips

2010 March 21
Posted by nbrosteam

Quick Reference Tips

On this page, you can find many neat tips and tricks to look up information about PHP functions and language constructs. Send your suggestions for tips to the webmaster.

Quick Reference for Google Chrome
Submitted by Søren Nielsen (31-Jul-2009)

Rust right-click (control-click or click-and-hold for Macintosh users) on this link: PHP Quick Reference and add it to your bookmarks. With some browsers, you may need to edit your bookmarks manually to give the bookmark an easy-to-remember title.

If you want the bookmark toolbar to appear simply press Ctrl+B.

Quick Reference for Opera 9
Submitted by Mustaque Ullah (09-Sep-2007)

In Opera, go to Tools –> Preferences, and then click on the Search tab. You should “Add a new search engine” and fill in the appropriate fields. My choices are below.

  • Name: PHP
  • Keyword: p
  • Address:
  • Query string: pattern=%s&show=quickref

You have to check “Use POST” to be able to type in a query string.

From then on (click OK twice to close the windows) you should be able to search the function list by typing “p function” in the address bar (or use the search dropdown menu). You can change “quickref” to “all” if you want to search all sites, or “manual” for the online documentation.


Hello world!

2010 March 21
Posted by nbrosteam

Welcome to

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